To say the least, Boom is overwhelmed by the love and support shown to him. Love gratitude, and thanks to all.

In the 16 or 17 years we have been together, playing 4 to 7 nights a week, every week year in year out, Boom has missed only one, maybe two gigs, EVER. Our band does not currently have a retirement, medical, unemployment, vacation, sick time, or ‘kiss your ass goodbye’ plan. It is you folks who are our ‘keep the boat afloat’ plan. You folks are keeping the lights on, the gas, water, phone, ect., while he recoups.

Sunday’s Benefit was short notice in planning, but when we had the date of surgery we called Seamus and began. Anybody who missed and wants to contribute, can do so through me (Jony), Mike or Seamus. (You can also mail checks payable to “Kent Leech” to JONY JAMES BAND, P.O. BOX 215, SOUTH WALES, NY 14139.)

Now, I know I’m going to forget someone, so please forgive me. We want to thank all of you people who could come, and those who couldn’t but think about him and all who have sent donations. Thank you to Frank, Seamus, Anita and WBFO radio, Bobby, Katie, Lynn, Chris, Kenny and all the other bartenders, Doug, Owen, and all the donators for the raffles and things going on. Thank you to all the musicians: Three of a Kind (Jeff, Owen, John); JJs Stew (JJ, Mike, Scott, Owen, DJ); Members of Dive House Union & friends (Dave, Shannon,Tom, Dave, Erik); Willie Haddath Band & friends (Willie, Bobby, Ray, Kenny, Greg); Dave and DJ for playing with us, and Sharon for singing. And all the other musicians who came out, we wish we could have gotten every one up.

We anticipate Boom will be back early fall, when we really are recording a new cd, when the wind will be just right. He’s doing good and getting stronger every day.

Love and Peace to you all,
Jony James Band

P.S. Thanks for posting photos and we would love to see more.


Mail checks payable to “Kent Leech” to JONY JAMES BAND, P.O. BOX 215, SOUTH WALES, NY 14139


For those who missed it on social media:

August 13, 2013 Fans & friends – No need for major alarm, but Boom Boom will be out for a bit while recovering from a major surgery, which went well. We’ve put together a big bill for a benefit  SUNDAY, AUGUST 18th at the Tudor to help with his medical bills, and ask all who enjoy Boom the man and his music to join us and/or help spread the word. This one’s for Boom Boom!

Song of the Day – Jony James Band, “Golden Rule” [Benefit for Boom Boom]

Poster from the benefit: